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Our “DanatTravels” responsibilities

  •   to advise you about the services on offer
  •   act as an agent between you and the service provider,
  •   to ensure that all parties have the relevant information and
  •   to ensure that all parties have confirmed agreement about the service to be provided
  •   We are not responsible for the operation of the 3rd party service

Your responsibilities

  •   providing accurate information as required
  •   making full payment for the service
  •   being aware of terms of service, including cancellation, of all the suppliers to an agreement
  •   complying with all security and travel regulations, including carrying valid travel documents


This website has been written to provide you with general information only. We can and will alter the content of the website without notice. By using the website you agree to accept that we do not have any liability for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in the content and you alone are responsible for deciding if our services are suitable for your purposes.

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In settling any dispute that may arise from this website and your use of it, we will adhere to the laws and judicial system of the kuwait.

DanatTravels will not deal or provide any services or products to any OFAC sanctioned countries in compliance with the law of the UAE.


We accept payments online using Visa and Mastercard Credit / Debit card. If "Credit Card Online" is selected as the payment methods then the details on the Customer's ID (Card Holder's ID) should exactly match that of the credit card used to make the purchase.

Please Note: There may be foreign exchange rates added during final payment. This may happen due to different currency payment usage. Please check with your bank on Foreign Exchange (FX) rates, as they are updated daily.

Travel Requirements

If you are travelling to a destination that requires a visa, it would be your responsibility to obtain the same. DanatTravels would not be responsible for visa requirements.

If you are travelling to an international location, please do keep a check on your passport validity and the country’s requirements (specific if any). You can get more information on the passport, visa, and other travel requirements at the embassy of the country or countries you will be travelling to.

The fares quoted on DanatTravels may not include the individual charges such as departure taxes, airport taxes, passenger service charges, and other fees imposed by the arrival/departure airport. For such instances, you will be required to pay the fees directly to the charging authorities.

Travel, health, and other required insurance policies have to be taken care of by the guest. DanatTravels would not be responsible for this and neither would be able to assist on the procedure.

Foreign Exchange Rate Disclaimer

Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency for another. The word also implies to the conversion of one currency into another currency.

The Foreign Exchange (FX) rates are updated on a regular basis depending on various factors. You can contact your bank to know more about Foreign Exchange (FX) rates.

Please note that, the Foreign Exchange (FX) charges are involved both while you book on DanatTravels and also affects the refund amount.

For eg: If you have booked in KWD currency and have used a bank card with SAR currency, then there would be Foreign Exchange (FX) rates involved to convert the currency from SAR to KWD . This difference would reflect while booking and also when refund is processed.

Check In, Changes and Cancellation


For most international flights, the check in opens 3 hours before while for domestic flights, the check in opens 2 hours before scheduled flight departure. Please check the updated information on concerned website.

Infants should have valid documents to prove their age. Please note that guests are considered infants, if and only if they are less than two years old.

You need to carry appropriate travel documents like valid Passport, visa, health documents, insurance, immigration clearance etc. as required. DanatTravels would not be responsible for any issues related to documents (invalid or inappropriate travel documents).

Booking Amendments or Changes

Every booking made on DanatTravels may have some amendment charges involved which would be charged as per the directive by the airline. The charges may vary by flight and booking class.

In addition to the airline's amendment charges,DanatTravels has an amendment fee which varies by airline, flight, and booking.

All changes should be done at least 72 hrs prior to the departure date. The time duration varies from airline to airline. Please check with customer support for accurate information.

Please note that certain airlines do not allow changes before specific hours of travel and may consider it as a “No Show”. If the airline marks a ticket as a “No Show”, there may be chances of no refund.


DanatTravels allows its customers to cancel their bookings. However, every booking done on travelq8 is subject to cancellation charges charged by the airline and DanatTravels itself. The cancellation charges vary as per the airline, booking, and flights.

Flights booked under promotions, deals, or offers are in certain circumstances cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable too.  Please read through the terms and conditions of the deal/offer/promotion.

If you have completed your online/phone/or any online/offline check in procedure, DanatTravels will not be able to process the refund. The customer has to contact the concern airline’s customer support for further procedure.


For customer raising refund requests, can do so from their log in or drop a mail to :  with booking details for further action.

Processing times for refund varies for every booking and shall be done at the earliest on receipt of the request.

Refund for partially utilized tickets (for eg:- ticket booked for round trip but used for just one way) may take longer.

The refund amount will be credited back to the same account from where the payment was made. For example, if you have used a credit card, DanatTravels will make an appropriate charge reversal and if it’s a debit card, the amount will be credited. The cancellation charges would be levied as per policy.

Please note that, the bank may deduct the Foreign Exchange (FX) charges as applicable. For eg: If you have booked in KWD currency and have used a bank card with SAR currency, then there would be Foreign Exchange (FX) rates involved to convert the currency from SAR to KWD . The Foreign Exchange (FX) rates are updated daily and are derived from official sources. Contact your bank to know more about Foreign Exchange (FX) rates charges.

DanatTravels is an online travel agency which offers easy and convenient access to reservations in both English & Arabic. DanatTravels shall be in a position to process customer refunds against flight tickets only if the same have been refunded by the respective airline. In the circumstances wherein an airline discontinues its operations, DanatTravels will not be accountable for the same and a decision on the refunds will be taken as per the airline’s stance and statement.

Fraudulent/Suspicious Transactions

DanatTravels aims to make the bookings safe, simple, and hassle free and hence reviews every booking done.  For bookings, wherein we receive an apprehension from concern bank/payment service provider, we would mark the booking as suspicious. Our team would be reaching out through the contact details provided to further validate the reservation. On receipt of desired documents, the booking would be removed from suspicious and considered a valid one. On failure of desired response within stipulated time (as mentioned in the mail), DanatTravels reserves the right to cancel the ticket and levy the desired charges as applicable.


We are committed at ensuring that your privacy is protected. Please read our Privacy Policy for full information.


We have taken great care to provide accurate and up to date information. However due to the nature of our business all details are subjected to frequent and unforeseen changes. The information on our website is mostly based on information provided by the third parties. We cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate at all times or that all changes will be reported and we cannot therefore be held responsible for errors or changes.

You should always verify the important details before you proceed with your booking.


We aim to offer simple, safe, and secure booking for over 1500+ destinations. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact  or call on our customer support. We would be glad to assist and would do everything possible to make your stay and booking at DanatTravels a memorable one.

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